About Amy

Amy Desborough BA Hons, PGCE, NT, BANT, CNHC – founder of Eatwell-Feelwell and partner in The Nutrition Detectives

I am based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and am truly passionate about food. My initial love of food was for how it tasted and I believe that this still is the most important factor. However throughout my 20’s I developed an interest in how food could heal and enhance wellbeing. This led me down my path of training in nutrition with The College of Naturopathic Nutrition and subsequent registration with BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) and  CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

Following on from Nutritional Therapy I have adapted my clinical experiences to included Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool and have joined forces with Lise Mathews as The Nutrition Detectives.

I am also a qualified Colonic Hydrotherapist and am registered with RICTAT, and a qualified lecturer and enjoy teaching a variety of subjects including nutrition and anatomy and physiology.

These experiences helps me to explain to clients why and how nutrition can help in the healing process. I believe it helps to adopt new eating habits when we can truly understand how it will benefit us.

I feel strongly that what we eat can influence how we feel, look, think and behave. I’m not interested in the latest ‘fad diet’, it’s about eating real food, sourced and grown in a sustainable manner.

I get excited about everything to do with food, from where it comes from, its medicinal properties, how it is prepared and not forgetting how it tastes.