In the grip of Diabetes

Estimates showing how many might have diabetes type 2 have shocked many, and yet, apart from offering the connection with our body’s impaired ability to process sugars, medical science still seems to be clawing around in the dark as to what is behind the condition. Here are some great news for those who think it’s ‘incurable’.

  • Are you suddenly experiencing increased thirst?
  • Are you getting up at night for a pee?
  • before:
  • Test kits and natural remedies (Zinc, Diablow, Chromium, )
  • Supporting foods

Did you know?

The secret cause of diabetes that no one considers is inflammation! The most likely source of inflammation is what you eat and drink.

Type 2 diabetes is also known as adult-onset diabetes. The condition occurs when the body’s cells become resistant to insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels. This results in excess sugars in the blood as the cells cannot absorb the sugars, and the energy production is dramatically reduced.

From a recent patient: I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 four months ago and told I would be on medication for life. I have just attended my four months’ check up at the Winch Lane clinic this morning and to the amazement of the Diabetes Section, she announced me free of Diabetes! Can’t thank you enough for all your help in reaching this hurdle.

Are you ready to make some changes?

The package provides:

  1. Full biochemical test including blood sugar and sugar & fat metabolism (see here how we test)
  2. Complete report of test results (see example of report here)
  3. Prescription for nutritional supplements addressing imbalances
  4. Explanation of any food intolerances
  5. Lifestyle and dietary advice
  6. Full food plan with allowable foods
  7. Email support
  8. 15-minute telephone support

Programme price £165

All our programmes can be completed remotely via hair sample testing or in our clinic face to face.  Here you can read more about the tool of kinesiology.

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