I’m excited to let you know how things have improved

I'm excited to let you know how things have improved since my MOT a couple of weeks ago. I am sleeping better. My mind is calmer. Hot flushes have reduced in intensity and frequency. Restless leg syndrome has disappeared. Knee pain has reduced. Calf pain has almost disappeared...I have recently started using a roller to massage which helps too. I also want to thank you for saying I should allow myself a cup of filter coffee every day. I'm enjoying it so much more without the guilt and just as you advised the daily pelvic floor exercises that I remember to do after my morning shower, I am overjoyed to say, are working a treat!! 👌 Thank you so much. You really do improve lives!


WOW! I can’t believe the difference.

Thank you so much for the appointment the other day and prescription! I can't believe the difference in only three days - I'm stunned. Thank you!


Bloating and constipation a thing of the past

After struggling for as long as I can remember with digestion/bowel ‘problems’, bloating and constipation were just things I lived with and didn’t expect to change. Although the dietary changes that Lise and Amy suggested seemed challenging at first, within a week or two I was enjoying my new diet and already seeing the benefits. Seven months later my body feels great. I feel light, energised and healthy. I love eating this new way.


Toilet success

My son has been doing really well since he saw you first, going to the toilet at least 4-5 times a week which is a huge success compared to how he was before. He still is a little anxious but I feel that's normal for a child who has suffered pain in the past when going to the toilet. His anxiety with school is better too since he's been going to the toilet more often. Thank you for all your help.


Feel the best for ages

Since my appointments with The Nutrition Detectives I am feeling the best I have been for ages. A big thank you to both of you for helping me feel so well. Many thanks!


I’m free of diabetes!

I attended my 4 months' check-up at the GP this morning and she announced me free of Diabetes! I can't thank you both enough for all your help in reaching this hurdle. See you soon for my next maintenance appointment.


The change is incredible

The change in David is incredible. We've just had a large sycamore cut down and he's been enthusiastically chopping and stacking, really motivated. It seems a very long time since he had the get up and go for anything like this. It's great for him and a huge weight off me. I knew there was something wrong. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much!

It is so refreshing and so exciting to be able to eat again what I can. The course of the Candida tablets ran out yesterday and so now I am just on the Vitamin A once a day in the morning. Thank you so much for your help; I cannot be happier in my diet. It has been such an interesting and challenging time for me but I am pleased I went through it as now I feel I have a lifetime of knowledge to keep on exploring what works for me. Thank you!!!


Excellent nutritional advice

I went to Lise and Amy after many years of trying to loose weight. I increased all exercise and put more weight on. After seeing Amy and Lise I realised why I was not shedding the pounds! I had excellent nutritional advice and kept to my diet plan. In the first few months I lost over a stone. I feel great and love the support that I have from Lise and Amy. Cutting sugar from my diet was easier than what I thought. It's lovely being able to eat natural ingredients. Amy and Lise also provided recipes which were a great help. They also recommended that I added other natural ingredients to my diet to combat some other medical conditions I was experiencing.


I am no longer bloated

Meeting the Nutrition Detectives for the first time I was unsure what to expect. However, both Lise and Amy made me feel very comfortable and able to talk about my problems with ease. After being tested by them they came up with a solution, which included changing my diet to being yeast and sugar free as well as taking some herbal remedies to help eradicate the problems I had. Before I went I was constantly bloated, always tired and struggled with my weight, not being able to lose any no matter what I did. However it has now been just over a month following the Nutrition Detectives guidelines and I have never felt better. My energy is back, I have lost 12 pounds and the best part is I am no longer bloated!! I still have some way to go, but after meeting Lise and Amy again they have retested and altered things accordingly. I am so grateful and glad I went to see them, it really has helped me to be happy and almost (it WILL BE completely soon) healthy. Thank you Lise and Amy for everything you've done!


I feel back to my normal self and more

The good news is that I am in remission from having had breast cancer, the bad news WAS that two and a half years after my chemo I still wasn’t feeling my usual energetic self.  I was tired at the end of each day, my concentration at work had gone pretty low and generally I didn’t feel great.  I decided to try out the Nutrition Detectives and was I glad.  After my first consultation, identified that I was dehydrated and that I still had a load of toxins in my body (after the chemo), Amy and Lise prescribed supplements for me to take over 8 weeks.  Yes there is a cost but what is that in comparison to my feeling back to my old self.  Within two weeks of taking the supplements I felt so much better, I couldn’t believe the transformation; it truly felt as if it was over night which is not what I was expecting. I was so pleased I talked my sister into going to see them and they have also made a big impact on her life too. I am 55 years old, and now after 30 odd years, I am sleeping much better, to put it politely –“I go more regularly” (a first for me ever!) and my concentration at work is far better than it has been for some years.  I can face stress at work much better, (I suspect that is down to a good night’s sleep most nights). Thanks to Lise and Amy I feel back to my normal self and more, I just need to get fit again now for my next adventure whatever that may be. (The last one was Everest Base Camp)


Amy and Lise helped where my GPs failed

After countless years of trying to get my poor digestion symptoms, and all that comes with it, diagnosed and treated through my various GPs, I was recommended the services provided by The Ark in Haverfordwest. I went with an open mind and after only a few visits the very friendly team of Amy and Lise helped where my GPs failed. They soon pinpointed my problem and guided me through my diet and introduced some herbal treatments. I now feel significantly better in mind and body and I am eternally grateful. I would without hesitation recommend their services.


Thank you for testing my dog!

I was very happy with them, and will be purchasing the recommended added things for him. Since the last test, his skin has started to return to its normal colour! And his fur is getting so thick and soft, very healthy. He loves his play times now. He is making great improvements. Thank you very much.


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