Balance your blood sugar and retrain your fat cells to burn fuel for energy

The programme promotes weight loss, whilst reducing diabetes and cholesterol markers.  To top this off energy should improve!
Our programme will use kinesiology as a diagnostic tool to help ascertain how best to support your body in getting back in balance.

Weight gain is not always to do with eating more calories than we burn, it can be about our hormones mis-firing:

  • Cortisol – This stress hormone is a fat storage hormone – How many of us are too stressed?
  • Leptin – This hormone is involved in telling us we have had eaten enough.  This hormone has been working too hard in many of us because of processed foods and so the brain misses the signal you are full.
  • Oestrogen – Although normal levels of oestrogen is highly beneficial for health, however when it is too high it promotes fat storage.

We can help to encourage your body to balance these hormones, enabling weight loss to be more successful.

What  does the programme provide?

  1. Full biochemical test establishing triggers and imbalances (see here how we test)
  2. Complete report of test results (see example of report here)
  3. Prescription for nutritional supplements addressing imbalances
  4. Explanation of any food intolerances
  5. Lifestyle and dietary advice
  6. Useful recipes and allowable foods list
  7. Email support
  8. 15-minute telephone support

Programme price £165

All our programmes can be completed remotely via hair sample testing or in our clinic face to face.  Here you can read more about the tool of kinesiology.

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