About us

We are two natural medicine practitioners who work together, using natural medicine, biochemistry and nutrition in combination with muscle testing (kinesiology) as a tool to investigate your health issues. We diagnose causes as well as effective treatments.

Both of us have been complementary therapists for many years and use all our combined tools to test for the most beneficial treatments, whether it is for example giving nutritional supplements for a short period. We continue to develop our professional skills through research, seminars and further training. This never stops! We aim to be a one stop health shop and follow your path to recovery as well as stay with you to ensure continued wellness.

We have our clinics at The Ark in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, where local people receive treatments and testing sessions.

We have also branched out into hair testing using exactly the same kinesiology diagnosis and natural medicine principles that we use with one-to-one patients in the clinic. Increasingly friends and relatives of our Pembrokeshire patients, who live elsewhere, started sending in hair samples for testing after seeing great improvements in their relatives’ health. People also started bringing hair samples from pets – primarily horses, dogs and cats – when they came to the clinic to have their own health test. See our hair testing page for full instructions. We ask for a hair sample, payment as cheque or by paypal, and ideally a photocopied photo of the patient (human or animal) now. We have also asked for medical samples (ie. one tablet) to be attached, and we will email you back a full report on your MOT findings; this will include a recommended prescription.