Thyroid Transformation – ‘Wake up your Thyroid’

Do you experience fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, depression, brittle nails and hair, feeling cold and pale?

Have you considered if you have a thyroid problem?

  • Before: tired, pale, weight gain
  • Test kits and natural remedies (kelp, iodine, selenium, copper, iron, Nutri Adv)
  • Supporting foods

Did you know?

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common health problems. It means you don’t have enough thyroid hormone in your body. And there can be many reasons for this.

If you have it the other way round – too much Thyroxin – everything speeds up. In such case, you may experience an adrenaline rush, palpitations, anxiety, sleeplessness, and increased frequency of bowel movements.

Every day there’s an increase in thyroid cases due to lifestyle changes, exposure to toxins, poor diets and thus deficiencies and intolerances, inflammation, reactions to pharmaceutical drugs, menopause in women to mention a few. The thyroid gland can be very sensitive.

The thyroid gland only weighs 15-20grams, sits in front of the windpipe and regulates your metabolism so hugely important for our wellbeing. As many as 1 in 20 now suffer from thyroid disorders. Women are almost double as likely to develop such disorder, and risk also increases with age. However, symptoms are often left untreated, though hugely disrupt general energy and enjoyment.

Help your thyroid and get back on track!

The package provides:

  1. Full biochemical thyroid test establishing triggers (see here how we test)
  2. Complete report of test results (see example of report here)
  3. Prescription for nutritional supplements addressing imbalances
  4. Explanation of any food intolerances
  5. Lifestyle and dietary advice
  6. Useful recipes
  7. Email support
  8. 15-minute telephone support

Programme price £165

All our programmes can be completed remotely via hair sample testing or in our clinic face to face.  Here you can read more about the tool of kinesiology.

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