Stomach acid

We need good strong stomach acid to break down our food, to help to kill bacteria that may be in our food and to create the right conditions for a stomach enzyme, called pepsin, to work.
When the stomach acid travels up towards the throat, we experience acid reflux, heart burn, belching, bloating, indigestion, nausea or a sour taste in your mouth. Many people are put on ant-acids by their GP, for example Omeprazole or Lansoprazole; however, in our opinion this is not good medicine as it lowers the stomach acid and leaves you open to bacterial imbalances and other more long-term digestive inflammatory problems.

Often the whole reason for acid reflux is a bacterial level that is already out of balance and the bad bacteria needs to be evicted and good bacteria repopulated. This is a process that can safely be done through supplementation with natural remedies. There are various herbs and minerals that can get rid of the bad bacteria and is much safer than antibiotics. Then subsequently we repopulate with good probiotics and prebiotics to change the environment in the gut. All good helath starts and ends here in the gut. It is crucial to get this balance right through a continued beneficial diet.

To our delight, there have been several TV programmes within the last year talking about sauerkraut, cyder vinegar, inulin, kefir, kombucha and probiotics. This has already made a huge change to many people’s gut health and we really need to return to such good old habits of spending time on preparing and maturing foods.

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