Stress solutions

What happens when you are exposed to a source of stress?
The body copes by producing adrenaline, which is a hormone that activates the following changes in the body:
• Blood is diverted to the brain, heart, lungs and muscles, which will need to work well to get you out of danger.
• The heart beat speeds up to pump blood more effectively round the body to these areas.
• Blood is diverted away from the digestive tract thus leaving this starved.
• Breathing speeds up to get oxygen supplies to the muscles as quickly as possible.
• Sweat levels go up to stop the body from overheating.
• Blood sugar levels go up dramatically so that glucose is available to feed the brain and muscles.
• Blood vessels constrict.

The overall effect is higher blood pressure, digestive problems, anxiety, tense muscles and palpitations.

The body will need more nutrients if flooded with adrenaline every day.
We would look at Vitamin B-complex for the nervous system, to prevent irritability and anxiety.
Magnesium for the nervous system to prevent cramps and irritability.
Vitamin C for the adrenal glands, to prevent poor immune function.
Iron for energy, to prevent fatigue and depression. Avena Sativa or Passiflora to calm anxiety and sleep.

However, everyone is different and are exposed to different forms of stress so we test exactly which remedies will make the difference for you!

Lifestyle choices are really important to reduce the impact of ongoing stress. Drink plenty of water and try a smoothie in stead of caffeinated drinks. Use dried fruit such as dates, figs, apricots or dried bananas instead of sugar, and use wholemeal bread in stead of white. Learn relaxation techniques, go to a yoga class or a meditation class with a friend.

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