Frequently asked questions

Q what if my hair is dyed?

Many people ask this. There is no problem testing dyed hair because we are not doing a chemical laboratory test of the hair itself. It is used instead to make a radionic connection with the client for the purpose of doing kinesiology diagnosis, to explore the best natural medicine solutions for your particular health challenges.

Q How much hair and from where?

A simple lock of hair from anywhere on the head. Make sure to include a good few hairs that have also been pulled out by the roots. A lock would be about 1 to 2 cm in length, rather than minute trimmings or a few single strands.

Q I have no hair or very short hair

We can use any body hair. Or alternatively nail cuttings. If you have a skin condition you would like help with, please send us some skin flakes if possible. Apply a piece of tape to the affected skin area and pull it off again. Then stick it to a piece of white or transparent paper.

Q What shall I wrap it in?

Simple paper, tissue paper or a small envelope would be fine. We prefer not to test hair wrapped in aluminium foil or plastic wrap as both of these can in themselves give you health problems or tolerance problems. Aluminium toxicity for example can cause a number of health issues, and people may also be intolerant to plastics that impregnate many pre-packed foods etc.

Q What can you test for?

We test for all health imbalances, for example gut function and digestive problems, inflammation, allergy and intolerance, hormones and wider endocrine problems such as menstrual disorders, thyroid, sugar handling, pancreas imbalance and pineal function. Also liver toxicity handling, neurotransmitters (brain chemistry that effects many other functions, from sleep to learning, and anxiety to depression), meridians and energy blockages, emotionally related body chemistry imbalances, immunity and autoimmune problems, on-going skin complaints and anything else you would wish us to look into.

Q How will my hair be tested? How does hair give information?

We are not doing a chemical laboratory test of the hair itself. It is used instead to make a radionic connection through a surrogate tester with the patient – for the purpose of doing kinesiology diagnosis and exploring the best natural medicine solutions for your particular health challenges.  In exactly the same way that we test a person  in our clinic, the hair is put in contact with a surrogate tester who can give kinesiology responses(muscle tests)  to a wide range of test vials and samples to test a wide range of health systems in the body. We find the best remedies to treat your condition, whether herbal, homeopathic, nutritional or other treatments we can refer you to, such as cranio-sacral, acupuncture, Bowen Technique, laymphatic drainage etc.

Q Can I talk to you before I send the form as I am not sure how much information you need?

Certainly you can either ring us or email us to ask your questions. Generally we encourage people to give plenty of information including any hunches you have, as your instinctive knowledge about your health often throws up many relevant clues. Also information and where possible samples of medication are very useful so that we can check your medication against any remedies we might recommend. Emailing is preferable so that we can give a more considered response.

Q What do I do with the information you send?

The health report that we produce for your hair sample test gives you a summary of findings about your health issues, specific remedies that appear to suit you specifically with doses, and how you can get these if they are not mainstream preparations. We aim to give a combination of information about your health imbalances in terms perhaps of the biochemistry going on behind the scenes, and also about the likely remedies that should get you well on your way to recovery.

This is all information and recommendations resulting from the kinesiology testing, and it is up to you how you make use of the information. We do recommend if you are on other treatments or medications, that you inform your other health practitioners of any choices you make as a result of our information so that they are informed should they need to make any adjustments or check compatibility with any of our recommended remedies.

Q Will you tell me what I need to take?

Yes. Part of our report to you will recommend treatments or remedies, including the dose and where you can get them if you decide to. As usual, it is advisable to tell your doctor what you are taking so that your doctor can continue taking a fully informed view on your health care, and should your doctor decide to check compatibility. If you send us samples of your medication, we can check compatibility with our remedies before you start taking them, ideally on your first testing session.

Q My doctor/friends think this type of testing can’t find out much

We recommend they try it! We both trained in this because we saw its effectiveness on people close to us, having tried GP’s and consultants.  Increasingly doctors are understanding that the body should be treated and diagnosed as a whole system rather than a series of unrelated symptoms. There will increasingly be common ground between this approach to reaching good health and what the medical establishment will be working towards. Your friends may feel more comfortable knowing that the way we investigate our patient’s health problems is based on biochemistry, anatomy and physiology. The kinesiology is purely a diagnostic tool – much like a stethoscope is a diagnostic instrument for detecting heart anomalies. You still need to know what a healthy heart sounds like to use that form of diagnosis. A stethoscope is not a treatment, and kinesiology is also not a therapy, just a ‘way in’ for us to help you get closer to a solution to your health problems.

Q How long will it take?

We aim to test any hair samples within a week of receiving the sample at the clinic. If we have a high volume of hair samples to test, some may get tested in the second week and reports will be sent out /emailed usually within 2 days of testing. Typically if you send your hair sample to us first class, your results could reach you between two and ten days later. Depending on urgency of cases, results can be rushed through or phoned through to you. You can choose the express test service when placing your order. Examples may be if you need to order remedies before going abroad and want to take them with you. Or you are considering other treatments or medication and need our information before committing to a procedure or approach.

Q How many tests will I need?

While we can cover a lot of detailed testing in one session, such as the whole ‘MOT’ of the gut and digestive functions, inflammation and infection etc., it takes some time to identify the right remedy for an individual, and to check tolerance and effectiveness compared to other remedies. Often people require rather obscure supplements, such as a particular form of magnesium (acetate, ascorbate, bromide, chloride, phosphate, sulphate etc) rather than just an ‘off the shelf’ magnesium tablet. This involves use of extensive test kits to ensure the best and speediest outcome.

Therefore we tend to be able to test and remedy a particular body system or health problem in one session. So if someone had for example, gut or skin problems, AND hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances, it may be necessary to run two tests over a period of time. We can often use the same hair sample if the testing runs fairly close together in time.

Certain health issues may require taking one step at a time. For example, the removal of parasites may first be necessary before the immune system can return to normal function so that it can then kill off some invading pathogen itself. Therefore, a parasite removal and gut repair session may be followed by a look at the immune system and support of its return to normal function.

Q Can you test children?

Certainly! The same as anyone else. Children often respond to more subtle and gentler remedies, maybe showing up to needing homeopathic remedies rather than stronger herbs, depending on your child’s condition and constitution. We do recommend children are given the very best diet particularly if they are ill. A number of parents suspect food intolerances as causes of their children’s problems, and we are very happy to test for these so that we can either improve a child’s tolerance or confirm what is unsuitable for them.

Q Can you test pets?

We do occasionally test dogs and cats as many patients have pets and ask if we can test them. With a hair sample from your dog or cat, we would run the tests in exactly the same way and to the same depth of investigation as any other hair sample. Again we will recommend specific remedies you can give your animal. Send us an email with all the pet health info and please also if possible include a photo of the animal, marked up with any visible symptoms or where they experience their health problems.

Q Can I give a ‘hair test’ as a present to someone – gift vouchers?

Yes, see all information on our Gift vouchers page. You pay through our PayPal link and send us an email with your contact details and whether you wish to pick up the voucher or have it sent in the post. Remember to give us the name that needs to go on the voucher and the address to send it to. This is entered in the comments field on the PayPal page or send the information in an email. Please allow a week’s delivery time from the date of your order. Email us or call The Ark on 01437 767499, asking for Amy or Lise, if you need it sooner and we’ll try our best to get it to you in time.