Terms of testing

Our recommendations for remedies can only take into account what you have told us about your health and any medications you have sent samples of for compatibility testing.
We are not pharmacists, and therefore cannot give recommendations about medication you may be taking. We always recommend that you contact your GP if you are altering or ceasing any medications you have been put on by your GP or other medical staff, ideally before you make the change, to inform them of your plans, and seek their comment and co-operation to monitor your wellbeing until the change is established.
On the basis of the kinesiology testing, if you send us actual samples of any supplements and medication you are taking, we can test to see if they (a) are a substance your body can tolerate (b) contain something your body indicates is useful to you. If a substance shows neither to (a) or (b), we will say that the medication appears to be neither useful nor tolerant. The decision whether to continue taking that medication or not rests entirely with yourself, though as said above, we would recommend these changes be made in consultation with your GP in case they can offer support or information that may make the whole process of change easier for you.
The testing is a test of relative ‘coping’ function rather than an absolute test or measurement. For example, if the kidney test as OK , it doesn’t mean you have a perfect kidney, just that it doesn’t test up as needing support right now.
We cannot take responsibility for any health outcomes that relate to health issues you have not specifically brought to our attention and requested we test. If we have not been made aware of certain problems (in the registration form), we will not have tested for that.
We only recommend remedies we understand to be from reputable and natural (non-pharmaceutical) suppliers. If you have an adverse reaction to any products, this needs to be taken up with the suppliers and is not our liability. If the problems are acute or urgent, discontinue use of the remedy immediately and inform your GP. We ask that you also let us know if you are discontinuing a remedy so that we may either look for an alternative for you, or update our records and review any retesting dates.
You shall inform us if you know of or suspect any contraindications or reasons you should not take a remedy that shows up as effective and tolerant during our testing, perhaps because you have taken other substances or have other conditions that may be exacerbated by the remedies, or perhaps based on information your GP has given you.
Where a pathogen exists, we may use or recommend the use of strong herbs or remedies that could make a person feel temporarily unwell and clients will be warned of this.
We remind clients that even if you have a friend or family member who appears to have the same symptoms as you, the remedies they may need are likely to be different to yours in most cases, due to the complex and varied physiology we all have. Therefore we recommend that they have their own testing, or are aware that something that may work for you may not be effective or risk free for them. Symptoms may be very similar while the causes can be very different.
We cannot begin testing a hair sample until payment has been received, either through paypal, or by cheque.
We endeavour to test all samples within a week of receipt provided payment has been received and get a full report to you within a few days of the testing session. Your report will be sent by the method requested on the patient registration form (post or email). We cannot guarantee a certain delivery date but will do our best to fulfil any requests as to delivery time. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of sending your order, please contact us.
By paying for and booking a hair sample test, you acknowlege that you understand and agree to actively participating in the above terms and conditions and recommendations that are given here in good faith, and with the full intention of protecting our clients. We attempt to deliver the best possible health outcome that can be achieved by the use of kinesiology and natural medicine to rebalance and correct your health systems as well as to eliminate unwanted symptoms.
It is the responsibility of the patient to take other action to promote their health such as avoidance of unhealthy substances or dangerous toxins/drugs etc while on our treatment, as the effectiveness or safety of our recommended remedies may be severely compromised or negated by such activities which are beyond our control, and outside the area of our testing and responsibility.
In introducing third parties to our service, please ensure that no false claims are made about us or our techniques. We aim to use natural means to support the body to re-establish its own healing.